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An Established Role


D & D Dispersions Ltd is an established printing ink manufacturers, founded in 1984, now in our 22nd year of trading and leading the field in the supply of ready to use, pre-dispersed, pigmented concentrates, pigment dispersions, pantone approved shades and UV curing inks and concentrates primarily for use in the manufacture of paste printing inks.

Having gained a reputation as a responsible, caring and reliable printing ink manufacturers, D & D Dispersions has achieved phenomenal market share in the supply of its services to aid the supply of 4-colour process inks, Pantone approved shades, black, white and tinting mediums for conventional sheet-fed and web offset ink production.

D & D Dispersions also supplies a large range of Ultra Violet curable concentrates, for use in manufacturing Lithographic, Flexographic and Screen Inks.

A Family Business

A privately owned, family run company, D & D Dispersions’ dedication to customer care and service, is second to none. With the accumulation of many years of technical and production experience and knowledge of the printing ink industry, the company are justifiably proud of the quality of service provided to satisfy their extensive customer base, both in the U.K. and Europe with complete confidence and a committed service.

A Positive Benefit

D & D Dispersions supply a product and service, which is both versatile and cost effective for the ink maker, by optimising the concentration of pigment, to provide a fully dispersed, pigmented base.

This enables the ink maker to benefit from being able to operate a clean, fast, efficient operation, avoiding the perils of high stock holding, purchasing costly heavy plant and machinery and using potentially messy dry pigment, with the various house-keeping problems this creates.

D & D Dispersions take the headache out of processing fully dispersed concentrates for the ink maker, by providing a full support service in supplying a complete base scheme range.

Quality Products

D & D Dispersions concentrate on quality. Problems incurred by the printer due to poorly dispersed ink, reflect directly upon the printing ink manufacturer.

This is why D & D Dispersions lead the field in supplying only top quality, fully dispersed pigmented bases for use by the ink manufacturer, with every batch of concentrate undergoing rigorously controlled testing, prior to leaving our site.

An ink producer wants to be able to provide ink to the printer quickly, safe in the knowledge that he is using a quality product to do so. The ink maker knows that quality ink can only be obtained if the starting materials are of the highest quality themselves. This is where D & D Dispersions have proven their immense worth to the market sector.

With a dispersion, the ink maker can choose to utilise a vast range of pigment choices, stipulate a variety of vehicle options and request an optimum viscosity for the base, that is best suited for his use. He also retains his option of change, if he so chooses, at a later date. In this way D & D Dispersions can give the ink maker full control over the product that he wants to use to create his ink.

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Printing Ink Manufacturers, Pigment Dispersions, UV Curing Inks

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